I’ve Got To Admit…

It’s getting better.

Song Recommendation: “Baby Britain” – Elliott Smith


Thank goodness for WordPress… Without you, I’d maybe have made some HTML and CSS, and possibly a wireframe? Look at us now !

Sorry for anyone who jumped into the website and it was down or improperly functioning. I think most of what I intended on putting in (the structure at least) is there now.

Next steps? Getting fancy. I’m probably gonna have to call one of my friends (*cough cough* Ransom *cough cough*) to do some artwork.

But, if you happen to want to contribute (and perhaps be my first guinea pig), please submit some of your art-werk, or send me a song, or anything.

Get involved, people, please !


All right, time to keep on keepin’ on.



The P.L.M.C.





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