Local Artist Spotlight: Cotton


I should disclose that I consider Jim a close friend, so, this review/spotlight might be a bit biased.

Song Recommendation: “Jolene” – Ray LaMontagne


I was enthralled with Cotton the first time I saw him play at the White Eagle Open Mic years back under the moniker The Dali Llamas with Anna Wallis.

Ready to listen?


This sweet little ditty that J. Han released a couple years ago shows how he shines.

Cotton cites his influences to be music greats like: Townes Van Zandt, Prince, and Jonathan Richman.

Cotton’s songs also remind me a lot of Bukoski in the style and poetry of his lyrics…


(All right now, J. Han, don’t get too big of a head).


Listen to me on this: one day (hopefully before he dies) Jim is going to be recognized for his work.

Don’t believe me?

Let me list his credentials in the past couple of years: Recorded The Silver Thread at Jackpot! with Larry Crane. Zoomed through a session at Dub Narcotic for The White Eagle, and then did a double-take with Calvin Johnson to my most favorite album of his (which will release in March): All God’s Creatures Have Knives.

I mean, sheesh. How is he not famous yet?

Real talk: His newest release blew me away. I think I said something to the extent of, “Damn man, you’re knocking it out of the park.” I’ve been bothering him to get a pre-release copy but he’s remained too humble or something. I think it’s because I jokingly told him I intended to leak his album, and that he probably wants to try to make a little scratch back on all the vinyls he produced.

I don’t know though. I have a feeling he won’t have to worry about that in a few years…


Listen to Cotton at: https://cottonmouth.bandcamp.com/

(If you’re unfamiliar, I’d recommend starting with this track )


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