Local Artist Spotlight: St. Even

Apparently I must have deleted the original post, so, here we go again…

Song Recommendation: “Get It” – Matt and Kim



I don’t think I could ever be close friends with Steve Hefter. Not for my lack of trying. It’s just simply that he represents something – that I tended to do a lot in my adolescence: putting the ___ on a pedestal. In this case, blank refers to Mr. Hefter’s show-name, St. Even.

I probably listen to him too much. I probably like him too much. And that probably gives Mr. Hefter the skeevy-weevies.

It’s not that I’m doing anything wrong, necessarily. I’m just saying – I’m probably being a bit too creepy…


So instead of taking the normal format and spotlighting St. Even for his musical, lyrical and innovative skills, I’m going to try something different:

This idea was inspired by a show St. Even “played” where he had local artists and friends cover his CD Release. I wasn’t invited to play or to go, so I don’t know how it went, but I think it was a great idea. (I did manage to get a shout out on the newspaper, though !)

Let’s look at St. Even’s label-mates, and do a side-by-side comparison:

If you check out http://www.partydamagerecords.com/ you’ll find St. Even’s name. Let’s scan through the artist that come before him until we find something compelling:


Now let’s listen to St. Even and determine who truly is the belle of the ball…


I guess that’s why your mother says not to compare yourself to others… Oh well.


Check St. Even out at his tumblr page:





p.s. Please don’t haxx0rz my site, spanxuverymuch. 

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