The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning…

So this probably isn’t the most appropriate music to start this site off with, but, I liked the title.

Song Recommendation: “The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning” – The Smashing Pumpkins


Welcome. They say if you build it they will come, so, here is me, “building” it. (Well technically, I “purchased” it, but that’s just semantics).

Let’s get started:


What is the Portland Local Musicians’ Co-Operative?

  • I am: Adam Taitano – Lead Developer, Administrator, Host.

  • You are: someone who gives a damn about the local Portland Music Scene, and wants to support Portland Musicians.

  • We are: something greater than the sum of our parts. Ideally, at least.


(To break it down even further: Co-Operative stands for – “involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.” Mutual assistance? Helping build the community and contributing your artistry to it. Common goal? Get your art out there, hopefully to a larger stage – if and when this blog starts garnering attention).



If you like what you’re hearing/seeing, then please join our mailing list, send us an e-mail, check out the facebook group, spread the word, schedule an appointment, give us a ring, etc.


Thank you for taking the time to check us out !


Cheers and love,

-The P.L.M.C.


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