Local Artist Spotlight: Christophe Parroco


Song Recommendation: “Attempt at making a beat (Instrumental)” – Christophe Parroco

I have to take a different approach for Christophe. If you’re willing, please indulge me.

Visit CHRISP Photography.

Then, visit Christophe Parroco’s bandcamp.

Then, watch this video:

You see what I see?


Let me explain: Christophe P. was born and raised in Paris, France. If you hear him talk, it’s apparent that his first language wasn’t English; but, he speaks it better than most Americans. Exhibit A.

Then, add on the fact that he completed two master’s degrees before I even finished college. And, we’re the same age… Exhibit B.



Plus he looks like this. Exhibit C.

I could go on, but I think I’ve made a point.

My conclusion: this kid has natural gifts brimming out the bushels…

All CP really wants to do is travel the world with a partner and take pretty pictures. But, alas, life doesn’t always go your way:

Don’t feel bad for the guy, though. Cause, on the surface it seems like he’s got it going on.




N.B. Help me congratulate Christophe on being appointed the title VP (Assistant Director of Development) for the P.L.M.C.



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