Local Artist Spotlight: Ezza Rose


Song Recommendation: “Exit Music (For A Film)” – Radiohead

Takeaway: Listen deeply to Ezza’s music, and you’ll find something magical.

Give this a watch:


Search her on Duck Duck Go and you’ll find a lot of hits, just like this one.

Part of Ezza’s success is her ability to dive deep into the musician game. It’s a tough one, and the odds are stacked against you. But, if anyone, I’d bet on this horse. She’s a beaut, and built to last.


What specifically makes her special?

Lots of things. Notice a fairly new tattoo on her left shoulder – a design she made (oh yeah, she’s a visual artist, too) which symbolizes her commitment to music. That’s quite the statement.

Sure, she might get some fans simply because she’s cute, and has a nice voice. But dive a little deeper and you’ll learn that she shines past the superficial layer.


My favorite song of hers might have to be:

It’s a good representation of what she can do.

But believe me, Ezza still has a ton up her sleeve…

Listen to Ezza at: http://www.ezzaroseband.com/

And if you feel like it, check her out in person in April: http://www.ezzaroseband.com/tour/





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