Local Artist Spotlight: Raymond Anderson


Song Recommendation: “Alive With The Glory Of Love” – Say Anything

Takeaway: It’s rare to find a performer like Raymond Anderson. Treasure his song-craft.

As far as I know, there are only two songs available online to listen to Mr. Anderson.

(I friended him on facebook and requested songs, but I haven’t heard back…)


Oh well. Two is more than plenty.

Together, they clock under four minutes; but, they’re packed with goodness.

Take a listen:

This is what real songwriting sounds like. A voice and a guitar – amusing turns of phrase with a pleasing melody. Just enough grit to be real, but nothing forced. Observe how lyrics don’t have to follow a simple rhyme scheme to be effective.

Contrast this with “Two Dreams”

The song follows a consistent pattern, but it’s rhythm and strumming are playful. It’s obvious Raymond knows what he’s doing. His deliberate nature feels natural and genuine.


Caution: don’t mess with or try to copy his style. Mr. Anderson’s strapped with some artistic weapons that will leave even the biggest of the mother-suckas bleeding dry.

Catch him at Mississippi Pizza this Sunday (21st of February) @ 8:00PM

Or, friend Raymond on Facebook and find out when he’s playing next – it’s a treat if you get to see him perform.


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