I’m Waiting To Be Disappointed…

And I keep on being impressed, instead.


Was stumbling through bandcamp’s discovery page, with an emphasis on Portland, OR. When I came across some music that appealed to me:¬†https://walteretc.bandcamp.com/

Did a little more research after listening to all the songs on Walter’s bandcamp page (most songs last less than one-minute), sent a couple e-mails saying I was impressed, then did a little digging.


Apparently there’s this art collective called Making New Enemies, that’s just, straight up awesome.


Like, they’re probably so cool, that they’ll be mad that I found them.


I don’t claim to be a hipster, nor intend towards one. I’m closer to a yuppie, due to my privilege and educational background. I don’t like labels, and I recognize people are people. But, seriously. This is waaaaay too hipster awesomeness. It’s like quintessential¬†Portland.


I haven’t watched portlandia recently, but I’m pretty confident that they must have featured http://www.makingnewenemies.com


So yeah, I’ll probably start doing spotlights on all of their artists, but. Dag, yo, give them a chance and you won’t be disappointed.





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