The Portland Local Musicians’ Co-Operative Blog (and Updates) – Objective

This blog attempts:

To share music to a community of people who actually care to listen.

Song Recommendation: “Codes and Keys” – Death Cab For Cutie (Dedicated to Ms. Kendall Miller)

Let me tell you a story I heard:

There once lived a young boy named Adam. He dreamed of being a star. He saw other stars and loved how they shined. He lived life without cares, and reveled in his ability to create, imagine and play.


Then something happened to him. He lost his innocence. His universe changed. He became jaded at what he used to believe was a world full of roses. Sadly, the young boy had to grow up…

This is my attempt to revive the little child inside of all of us. The one who loves to play. In particular, who loves music for the sake of music. Who loves art for the way it makes you feel. Who enjoys creating, sharing, contributing, and making the world a better place.

Please, consider joining our mailing list. Consider checking out our facebook page. Consider utilizing the practice space, and/or making a recording at our studio. You have an opportunity to make something magical, and all you have to do is say,

Adam ! Wake up, it’s time to play !!!